The Company

AGCT GmbH is a privately held diagnostic company with an experienced team of molecular diagnostic experts, laboratory physicians and entrepreneurs. The team is dedicated to R&D and is focused on delivering market differentiating technologies and products.

The Technology

The AGCT cyberPCR technology can amplify and visualize genetic information from a fragment of nucleic acids with unmatched signal-to-noise ratio on standard qPCR equipment. Only the desired target fragment of a nucleic acid is amplified as DNA. cyberPCR is designed to discriminate between similar sequences with specificity of up to one nucleotide, allowing for a search of sequences with point mutations in a great number of wild type sequences.


cyberPCR is a fundamental re-design of basic amplification technology, resulting in an isothermal PCR-like amplification through the application of engineering science to polymerase catalyzed synthesis reaction. It relies on nanotech molecular-based engineering with on-line quality control of newly synthesized sequences in every synthesis cycle, which results in immediate exclusion of any incorrectly synthesized sequences from amplification.

The Objective

Cancer is one of the most life-threatening diseases, with one in six deaths today caused by cancer. The primary reason for this is late detection of cancer in patients, since the success rate of a therapy decreases with increasing tumor malignancy. Therefore, the earlier cancerous events can be detected, the higher the chances are for curing a patient.


At AGCT, we are striving to make curing cancer possible through the development of cost-effective molecular tests that can go much farther beyond today’s cancer detection limits. The AGCT test method not only out-competes the sensitivity and specificity of any molecular cancer detection method – it is also extremely cost-effective and easy to implement in diagnostic laboratories. The test can be carried out on standard molecular assay equipment, so the AGCT test method can be quickly disseminated to any molecular diagnostics laboratory.