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What we do

AGCT develops a groundbreaking PCR-based assay technology that will…




non-invasive liquid biopsy testing

Help save lives

by detecting cancer earlier


Benefit patients

through earlier and faster decision-making in treatment selection

Be usable

in any molecular diagnostic laboratory

Non-invasive liquid biopsy tests are aimed at fundamentally changing cancer diagnostics and treatment. Existing technologies have performance limitations and narrow the potentials of liquid biopsy. AGCT’s disruptive technology introduces molecular assays with unmatched sensitivity and specificity in cancer detection. At the same time our technology can be applied on standard laboratory equipment. The future of new cancer diagnostics, accessible to everyone, can start today. 

Our Technology

AGCT’s cyberPCR technology creates a new dimension of sensitivity and specificity in cancer detection…

Unmatched performance

Highest discrimination of mutant vs wild-type DNA molecules


Feedback digital control

Exclusion PCR amplifies the mutant target sequence only in each cycle


Easy to use

Can be run in any MDx laboratory using existing PCR equipment



Technology will be developed across MDx platforms

AGCT‘s proprietary cyberPCR already discriminates at the amplification step. Only mutant target sequences are amplified, permitting an unprecedented signal-noise ratio and a revolutionary level of rare mutant molecule detection for liquid biopsy.
  • Standard Plasma Sample
Low signal-to-noise ratio
  • PCR, CAST, dPCR, NGS amplify wild-type and mutated DNA
  • Discrimination necessary at the detection step 
  • low signal-to-noise
  • Standard Plasma Sample
AGCT's cyberPCR
High signal-to-noise ratio
  • cyberPCR only amplifies mutated DNA sequence
  • Discrimination already at the amplification step, leading to high level of specimen detection
  • high signal-to-noise