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Marburg, October 13, 2020, AGCT tested its novel EGFR prototype kit together with a German cancer research institute and HistogeneX, a global CRO laboratory supporting diagnostic and clinical studies in oncology with headquarters in Antwerp/Belgium. The results with non-clinical human DNA samples demonstrate cyberPCR’s high sensitivity with extreme wildtype DNA background and its superiority in a head-to-head comparison with today’s standard assays for real-time PCR and digital PCR platforms.

Dirk Loeffert, AGCT’s COO, who brings along almost 20 years of product development know-how from his former position at Qiagen, is very optimistic that the assay technology has the ability to outcompete existing methods and can be expanded to next generation sequencing approaches.

“Along with its superior performance as compared with other PCR based approaches, the great strength of AGCT’s assay technology is that it can be used on any real-time PCR cycler that is found in every molecular testing laboratory today. Furthermore, the technology also holds great promise to improve performance of other testing technology platforms such as digital PCR or NGS based testing.”

Further insights on AGCT’s prototype kit and the market relevance of the proprietary cyberPCR technology are provided in the Autumn Edition 2020 of the European Biotechnology Life Science and Industry Magazine.

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Marburg, January 3, 2019, AGCT closes financing round to accelerate revolutionary assay technology development for oncology market
AGCT announces the closing of a substantial financing round with existing investors and two investment companies. The financing followed a technology milestone achievement demonstrating the performance of AGCT’s proprietary cyberPCR technology. cyberPCR is a novel PCR-based method that AGCT believes has the power to significantly improve the early detection of circulating tumor DNA from cancer liquid biopsies over existing assay technologies. The unique advantage of cyberPCR is the exclusive amplification of tumor-derived DNA over non-tumor DNA, the latter being much more abundant in a patient’s blood sample making the detection of rare tumor molecules inherently difficult. AGCT’s cyberPCR technology does not require any dedicated instrumentation and can be used with existing PCR equipment. The funds will be used to grow AGCT’s internal R&D and further development of the assay technology for the oncology market.